About Santa Teresa in San Jose, CA

If you are considering buying a home in Santa Teresa in San Jose,CA, here are a few facts gathered from my experience as a Realtor in Santa Teresa.

Homes For Sale in Santa Teresa by Sophia Delacotte San Jose Realtor

The Santa Teresa area is one of the most accessible real estate markets in San Jose, CA  with an average price tag of  homes just around $400K. Most homes for sale in Santa Teresa are 3-4 BR houses. The best and most sought after homes in Santa Teresa are those which are close to the foothills.

Any property in Santa Teresa is ideally located between mall shopping on the West Side (with the Oakridge Mall shopping area) and only minutes away from the Santa Teresa County Park and the Santa Teresa Golf on the East side. Santa Teresa is a young, safe and quiet neighborhood overall.

Santa Teresa is home to the Santa Teresa High School , located off Snell Ave., also known as the Home of the Saints, with a API score of 777 in 2010. With 2,700 students enrolled every year, the Santa Teresa real estate market is a sound place to buy a home and build equity.

Houses in Santa Teresa are perfect for single families with children looking to live a relaxed life in a preserved and natural environment only minutes away from mall-shopping and plenty of outdoor activities thanks to the proximity of the Santa Teresa County Park and Golf Course.